On the route to the Namaqualand daisies, Richtersveld, Namibia, West Coast, Kalahari and Fish River Canyons you will find The Falls guesthouse overlooking the contrast of barren landscapes and lush green vineyards.



One of the beauties of Namaqualand includes the Namaqua Nature Reserve Goegab. This flower park is situated 15km outside of Springbok. The park boasts 15000 ha with 600 native plants species as well as 45 small game species. This park is also a treat for the bird lover because

of its 94 bird species. For the more adventurous there are hiking and biking trails and 4x4 routes.


Attractions that can be enjoyed in Springbok includes the Anglican Church, N.G church, the ‘Raadsboom’ , old prison and Mason Path. There is also a famous farm stall on the route to Garies which is a must see.


There are three other flower routes that can also be followed. These are the Kamieskroon, Leliefontein and Garies routes.



The Richtersveld National Park, the biggest nature park in
the Southern Hemisphere lays wrapped up in the arms of sun scorched lava ravines. This is an area where the language of the 17th era is still alive. In this mountain desert, the only in South Africa, the most beautiful ‘gazania’s and biggest ‘Halfmens ‘tree can bee seen.


This can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own 4x4 or while rowing down the river. The well known Halfmens,
only found in the Richtersveld, have crowded leaves at the apex of the stem which are usually bend towards the north. What makes this park so unique is the bare, beautiful rock hills and mountains which reminds one of a moon landscape.

The Augrabies Falls


Augrabies Falls is a wonderful getaway for the nature lover. Apart from the waterfall, which is easily accessible via new walk ways, the park boasts scenic views of sweeping granite planes, imposing granite domes, and many fascinating species of plant and animal life.


Activities in the park include 50 kilometers of game routes and foot paths. The park boasts a five-kilometres Dassie hiking trail, which will take you to places such as Arrow Point, Twin Falls and Moon Rock.


The fall on its own is a beautiful destination spot.


The vast desert landscape of the Augrabies Falls National Park holds many secrets for visitors to explore and enjoy!!



To the North of the mighty Augrabies Falls between the Orange River and the dry Molopo River, lies 75000 hectares of sheer mountain desert wilderness; the Riemvasmaak settlement with hot springs and 4 x 4 routes.


Riemvasmaak offers the tourist a variety of activities as well as breathtaking, rugged beauty.


Three 4x4 routes that include sand and rocky driving, three hiking trails for the average hiker, mountain bike route with sand and rock terrain, bird watching and hot springs.

Vineyards and Wine Cellars


Kakamas is the home of one of five cellars of the largest wine co-op in the southern hemisphere. Wine tasting at the cellars and cellar tours during can be enjoyed in the harvest time.


Local wines produced in this region can also be

enjoyed for example The Cadenza Wine cellars under ownership of Theunis Hanekom and family.

Kalarhari Adventures


Based 14km from the Augrabies Falls National Park they operate professionally guided river trails and overland safaris through this pristine wilderness region.


Their home is an old "erfhuis" surrounded by vines, trees and roses. All bookings can be made by calling the guest house.

Operating Water wheels

Eleven water wheels are still used on the canals. They can be seen in Voortrekker Street or on the many canals running through the vineyards. This is a highly economic method of pumping water from the canal to higher lying farmlands. Quite a few of these wheels are still in working condition.


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